3 Easy Steps To Frame Your Baby Clothes

Instead of hiding away precious items of clothing in wardrobes that smell of old books or moth balls, why not enjoy them more and put them on display? They make cheap but personal contributions to nursery walls and also add a little sentiment to the house.

Here’s 3 easy steps to framing your baby clothes:

1) Choose the items – Something that reminds you of a special day for e.g. christening gown (why wouldn’t you want to remind yourself of the agony of choosing the godparents, or forgetting to provide a ‘vegetarian’ option for the second cousin twice removed who you only ever see once a year?) or the first home-made outfit or their first designer outfit. Make sure it has some meaning or sentimental value just like you would choose a photograph to frame.

2) Preparation is the key – Make sure they’re clean! Get rid of any babysick or poop or general baby stains, they tend to let the item age well. Rather than use the whole item why not take swatches and make a collage? Once you have cut out your swatches give them a hot iron/press to flatten any lumps and bumps. This way you can use a regular photo frame rather than a more expensive shadow box frame. 

3) Pin and Hang – Don’t use glue or adhesive, try to pin or tac the clothes to a stiff piece of card and hang!

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