Lucy Bee Coconut Oil & and the Benefits for Babies

 This whole organic, virgin, coconut clean living thing has honestly passed me by until now.  Yes, I’ve bought cod liver oil tablets in the past and even extra virgin olive oil, but being more of a visual-seeing-is-believing type of person I’ve never really felt or seen many benefits.

I breastfed for as long as was personally possible and during that time my second born, who was only 3 weeks old developed a small eye infection and cradle cap.  The health visitor recommended that old ‘comeback free’, ‘health and safety at its best’ ‘risk free’ remedy… COOL BOILED WATER!

After a week it still hadn’t cleared up and I was due to take him back to the Dr’s.  I happened mentioned it to a fellow breast feeder who advised dropping a tiny bit of breast milk around the eye and rubbing it in like a moisturiser.  Within 12 hours his eye had cleared up.  I then decided to rub a bit onto his cradle cap and abracadabra it cleared up after a few days!  If he got a pimple, neck rash, or any blemishes on his skin I would always use breast milk and it worked!  Even the health visitor was shocked at the results.

Now he’s 3 months old and my breastfeeding days are unfortunately over. His cradle cap came balucybee2ck and so did his neck rash.  After a bit of a google I’d read that coconut oil was a natural remedy for softer skin and had a multitude of health benefits.  So I purchased my first tub of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.  I can honestly say I don’t know why I’ve never used it before. Although there’s no substitute for breast milk I feel it’s the next best natural thing for me and my babies:


1.       CRADLE CAP – this image is my 3 month old son with a nice shiny head after applying the oil with a cotton ball. I’ve used baby oil before but it’s never really absorbed quite as well as the coconut oil.

2.       NECK RASH – I had terrible problems with his neck rash and have had to use a prescribed cream to clear it up. However, as a natural barrier cream I’ve started to use the oil.

3.       DRY SKIN – My toddler who is 3 will occasionally get dry skin around the back of her ears and yes, I use the oil

4.       CHAPPED LIPS- The whole family uses it as lip balm.

5.       FRIZZY HAIR – My daughter has ridiculously curly hair, which when combed resembles a tumbleweed. After a small combing of oil it does bring it under control.

And of course the smell is lush.

How you found any other benefits from coconut oil?

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    1. Yes I’ve tried it. It works just as well I think but maybe a strong bout of rash would need a thicker cream. The oil certainly seems to prevent it though x

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