6 Alternative Baby Names!

For years I thought that Nicole Kidman had called her daughter Sunday Roast. Initially I thought ‘how ridiculous’, then I thought ‘oh she must have English roots’ a bit weird, but hey celebrities can get away with any names.  I actually grew to accept it until I read an article recently and realised her name was actually Sunday Rose!

My daughter is Florence Rose and my son is Tom Fox.  I gave my husband free reign on Tom’s middle name as he was to be our last child and his only son.  I was preparing for 11 members of Liverpool FC, or a list of his favourite actors but no, he wanted to call him Fox!  Which considering he had free reign I don’t think is too bad?!

I thought of poor old Apple Martin and a few other celebrity children and thought where will it all end?  So here are a few of my ‘name’ predictions for the future:


  1. HUMAN – Simple, to the point.  Can be shortened to ‘Hu’. Does what it says on the tin, this child is a human…it has a body with legs and arms and a head. A bit of an obvious choice but I think this name will catch on.


  1. CILLIT BANG – Just like Apple, I was thinking of something that represents cleanliness, freshness and purity.  But then I realised that it would be shortened to ‘Silly’ and that just sounds awful.


  1. LADY’S SLIPPER – We probably all know a little girl called Daisy, Poppy, Dahlia and maybe even Bluebell, Hyacinth or Holly. The list goes on!  The Lady’s Slipper is a beautiful flower, and it’s the rarest and most expensive in the UK.  Perfect name for a special little girl?


  1. HORNY – We’ve all heard of Brooklyn, India and other such names, which are often linked to where the child was conceived.  For me it would mean calling both of mine ‘Lancashire’, which doesn’t have the same ring.  How about tapping into the emotion we felt at the time, linking our child’s name with a feeling that expresses how much love was surrounding them at the time they were conceived?  It means thinking a bit outside of the box but the options are endless.


  1. MOSTLY DRY WITH SOME CLEAR SPELLS SCATTERED SHOWERS AND BREEZY – Types of weather and links to nature seem to growing in popularity such as Rain, Storm, Summer, Sunny.  This name, although a bit ‘out there’ I think encompasses most weather fronts.  It’s unisex and could be shortened to simply ‘Breezy’ or ‘Dry’.


  1. I’M NOT GIVING MY CHILD A TRADITIONAL NAME BECAUSE WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS AND ARE AT ONE WITH NATURE AND WANT OUR CHILD TO GROW UP WITHOUT BEING LABELLED OR BEING FORCED TO BE PUT INTO A CATEGORY SO BY CALLING HIM THIS HE REMAINS FREE AND FLUID– A bit of a controversial option. Not your traditional name but another that seems to roll off the tongue. It evokes a sense of deep meaning and connection to a life surrounded by free choice and equality.  It could be shortened to….well no, I don’t think it can be shortened but hey it’s unique.

Which names do you think are unusual and do have any to add to this list?!

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  1. Lol this post made me laugh! We’re expecting a girl in June and are struggling with names. Cillit Bang would be good, as our 3yo loves that ad hah! And Human, simple. What about ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ – that’s to the point! Sabrina xx

  2. LOL! A very brave honest and funny post. as we are dual language (English/Dutch) we really struggled with names for both of the boys. I liked Jake but the MIL kept saying Yake so that was a no no. Although it may fit well in your list we already have hoes so we may as well have rakes. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸 Hope to see you again 🌸

  3. LOL…This is so funny…Yes, I won’t be surprised if there are lots of #6s and oh yes, there would probably be lots of symbols as well…just a symbol like $. Sunday Roast? Now you know every time I see or read about Nicole, I will be laughing. #FamilyFun

  4. Hahaha!!! Cracking!
    My mum was a nurse and she had a patient called ‘Wayne Brain’. Serious!
    Also, I’m Wales it’s perfectly acceptable to name your child David Davies or William Williams. I know plenty.
    My surname is Cox. I really liked Issac…but figured it wasn’t the way to go. Unless of course my son was to have a career in gay porn….In which case it would have been the perfect choice.
    Fab post!x

  5. Hahahaha this is hilarious. Don’t forget ‘North West’..if we are going directional perhaps ‘On the left past the garden centre’ could be a good one? #FamilyFun

  6. Tom Fox what a cool name 😄
    Well we’ve had Saint what about Sinner?? Or simply what you will tell your baby for the first year or so “Go the f@#$ to sleep” or “just give me a minute”

  7. Hmmm! I think I would of gone for some unusual names if I could get away with it! But you’ve got to think of the poor kid at the end of the day. A new a kid called Delphi Blue which just made me think of cheese. Thanks for linking #FabFridayPost

  8. lol! This is so funny! My Thai nick name is actually Apple. Everyone in Thailand has a nick name. I gave it to my daughter – Evelyn Apple Charlisa. I thought that was pretty cool – but I think others thinks it is a bit much for a child to have 3 names! Oh- well… 😉 Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    1. Haha I think that’s a lovely name and there’s a reason/story behind the name too. I like a few names it keeps things interesting! X

  9. I was in a meeting full of people once when someone referred to me as Tracey. You know you have a window of opportunity to correct them, well I missed it. I spent the next two years being Tracey. It doesn’t even sound like Claire. But hey, what’s in a name! Very funny post Thanks for liking up to #FridayFrolics

  10. Oh, I really, REALLY like this! I am ‘Polly’ and often get called ‘Paula’ and NW is American so for ages people thought he was married to ‘Pauly’. LOVE ‘Cillit Bang’. Amazing! #Fridayfrolics

  11. Haha! I’m not sure if I like more that you thought Nicole Kidman’s daughter was Sunday Roast, or that you accepted that! I like number 5 because why stop at ‘Rain’? I think the shipping forecast also has great naming potential! #fridayfrolics

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