7 Baby Smells I Love (but most people think they’re gross!)

I just love the little smells my kids have! I’ve also realised that as they get older the smells get less sweet! Therefore, here is my list of favourite smells so that I don’t forget them when they’re cheesy teenagers!

Baby and Toddler Breath –  It’s not like horrible adult morning breath! It’s sweet and milky and I can’t get enough of it. I always have a good sniff and it’s yummy!

It means they’ve had a good sleep.

My Baby’s Hands – After he’s been sucking them all day I prize open his fists and it’s a lovely sugary smell.

It means he’s learning hand to mouth coordination. 

Milk Burps – My baby is 4 months old and doesn’t burp as much as he used too. But I still love the sour milk smell!

It means he’s winded and won’t gripe.

Baby Poo- Controversial, I know! I love a little whiff of baby poo!

It means he’s functioning properly and his digestive system is on track.

Baby Sick – This is my new perfume. My baby hasn’t been sick that often but the smell seems to linger for days!

It means he’s fed well!

Cheesy Neck – Another controversial one but just before his bath I open up all his folds and have a little sniff!

It means he’s enjoyed a feed and dribbled his milk.

Sweaty Hair – My toddler loves a good play in the park on a sunny day and is a bit of a ‘Sweaty Betty’. She’s one of those kids that goes red cheeked after 10 mins and her hair gets a little salty aroma.

It means she’s had plenty of exercise.

So is it just me? Or do you have a favourite baby smell!?


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