First 5 Minutes at a Waterpark With Kids

Me, Daddy, Toddler and Baby went to Alton Towers at the weekend.  This was the first 5 minutes in the waterpark with two children under 4!

Me: Do not go anywhere without Mummy or Daddy ok?

Toddler: Ok Mummy.

Me (to Daddy): Right, shall we get them in the toddler pool it’ll be warm, I think?

Daddy: Yep, let’s go.

Me (to Daddy about Baby): Do you think he’s warm enough?

Daddy: Yes, he’s fine.

Me: But he looks a bit cold.

Daddy: But he feels warm, he’s fine.

Me: Where is she?

Daddy: She’s right there, I’m keeping an eye on her.

Me: I don’t like her going in on her own.

Daddy: She’s got armbands on, she’s fine.

Me: She’s going into the deep end.

Daddy: It’s the toddler pool, there’s no deep end.

Me: Do you think he’s (baby) too hot?

Daddy: No.

Me: But he looks hot, it’s really hot in here, he’s got a full body costume on, I should’ve got baby trunks.  Oh God, did you put his swimming nappy on?

Daddy: Yes.

Me: Are you sure?

Daddy: Yes.

Me: Where is she, I can’t see her – oh there she is.

Daddy: I’ll take her on a slide.

Me: Be careful, you’ll need go on with her and keep her legs in, and lift her up when you get to the bottom.  Are her arms bands tight enough?

Daddy: Yes.

Me: I think he’s getting cold… Where’s she gone now? Oh God, where is she?

Daddy: She’s right there playing with the buckets. 

Me: Do you think she’s warm enough?

Daddy: Yes.


Toddler: OKAY!

Me: His skin is getting all wrinkly I think I’ll take him out for a bit.

Daddy: He’s fine, he’s only been in the water for 5 minutes.

Me: He’s cold, I’ll get him wrapped up in a towel.  Where is she? I can’t see her, oh there she is.

Daddy: I’m taking her on a slide.

Me: Ok, be careful.


Run Jump Scrap!

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