French Side Braid for Toddler

DSC_0005My toddler has ringlets…the most frizzy, curly tight ringlets. We still have no idea where they came from! They are beautiful but can be difficult to manage. She can’t have a fringe as she would just have a forehead of frizz.

To keep it out of her eyes I have started braiding the top section on one side.

One tip for any plaits/ braids on children from me would be to only braid to the edge of the head.  Once you leave the head and start a ‘normal’ plait it will start to loosen at the sides so tie the bobble straight to the head leaving the rest of hair free as shown in the image below.


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A Summer Dress in Winter

My daughter is 3 years old and with nursery, living in the country and just generally  being a toddler, her clothes tend not to last very long!

I started to shop more affordably and all she seemed to live in was leggings and jeans.  She came home from nursery one day and said that her friend had worn a beautiful pink dress! I thought “are her parents mad?” and then  began to think why shouldn’t she wear pretty dresses at nursery and in Winter?  She’s only a little girl once, but I needed to make it cost effective and make the clothes last longer.

My first ‘must have’ items for girls in Winter are long sleeved t-shirts in a range of colours.  I purchase mine from George at Asda or Primarni. These are £3.50 for a pack of two!

Long Sleeved Tees

For my daughters 3rd birthday she had a Dinosaur themed party.  She desperately wanted a Dinosaur dress and the only decent one I could find was from Hunter and Fox Clothing on online shop Etsy.



Now, I wouldn’t normally pay £22 for a dress for a 3 year old (not even for her birthday!) but I just couldn’t resist this one.  It is extremely well made and lined inside.

As her birthday is in September, it’s not long until the colder weather starts. I use the long sleeved t shirts underneath all of her dresses, with a pair of grey cotton tights and then finish with a cardigan if need be.  She wears this dress at least once a fortnight now!




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